We are proud sponsors of the Sustainable Business Award for 2015

Finalists Announced for the Grichan Partnership Sustainable Business Awards

Over 140 of Britain’s leading businesses, business leaders and social enterprises have been revealed as finalists for the 2015 National Business Awards, including eight companies shortlisted for the Grichan Partnership Sustainable Business Award.

The finalists for this award are:

Élan Hair Design

Good Energy

Hadlow College


Nelson Bostock


RELX Group

Crown Paints Ltd

This award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment and proven business case for sustainability. Judges will look for evidence of how a sustainable approach has improved commercial performance, competitiveness, customer perception, staff engagement, and prospects for continued financial strength.

Ralph English, Managing Partner at the Grichan Partnership commented, “The Grichan Partnership has been providing leaders in Business Risk for many years and it is clear that business sustainability and risk are becoming deeply connected. Business sustainability is not just about the environment or carbon counting but about assurance and the ability to continue business, both physically and morally, in the modern global environment.”

Finalists were chosen from the hundreds of businesses that entered or were nominated across 18 award categories. They will now prepare for live presentations to expert juries who will decide the overall winners that will be revealed at the awards ceremony on 10 November

Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainability for IKEA UK and Ireland, one of the finalists in this category, has said: “I am extremely delighted and honoured that IKEA has been shortlisted in the Grichan Partnerships Sustainable Business Award. It is exciting that our commitment to sustainability has been recognised.”

This year’s finalists represent award categories such as UKTI Growth Business of the Year Award, The Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year Award and the Inflexion International Growth Business of the Year Award.

Dr Márcia Balisciano, Director, Corporate Responsibility at RELX Group, has said: “At RELX Group, corporate responsibility is not a programme or prescriptive set of activities, it is how we do what we do on a daily basis – working to maximise our positive impact, while minimising any negative consequences of conducting our business. Being recognised as a finalist for The Grichan Partnerships Sustainable Business Award demonstrates to our key stakeholders, including our people and customers, that we are doing our part to behave responsibly.”

An all encompassing range of industries are represented in the shortlists for this year’s awards, with companies from recruitment and children’s clothing, to pet food and online marketing being selected for the chance to win a coveted National Business Award.  The scale of the finalists is just as varied, with companies turning over less than a million pounds to over £25 million, employing 20 people or over 70,000 people.

Tom Broughton, Programme Director of the National Business Awards said: “Companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of running a sustainable business to both the environment and the economy. Therefore the competition for this category in particular was fierce, so the successfully shortlisted companies have done especially well.”

Visit here for a full list of all finalists and to book a table at the event on 10 November 2015.

Sustainable Business - Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future are an independent non-profit organisation working globally with business, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges.

Their aim is to work across multi-sectors to transform operating systems – they call this #theBIGshift

The Forum was founded in 1996 by three leading figures of the UK environment movement; Paul Ekins, Sara Parkin and Jonathon Porritt.  The mission was to find and implement practical ways for organisations to contribute to sustainability

Their Chief Executive is Sally Uren and the Forum now employs 80 people in three continents. The Forum acts as a critical friend to some of the world's biggest and best-known multinationals.

The Big Shift

“At Forum for the Future, we believe it is critical to transform the key systems we rely on to ensure a sustainable future. We also understand that no single company or organisation can make a genuine shift towards a sustainable future on its own.

We help business, government and other organisations to think beyond the borders of their own businesses and see how they can shape and influence the whole sector within which they operate - whether that be food, energy or beyond.

The #theBIGshift campaign reflects nearly 20 years’ experience working in partnership with pioneering businesses on futures analysis and system innovation, and demonstrates how significant change is possible if we work to solve complex sustainability challenges together.”

Businesses that fail to rise to the challenge of sustainability are likely to run the risk of falling behind their competition or longer term going out of business.

In the autumn of 2013, Forum for the Future conducted a survey of business leaders and found that not only did 98% say that firms that fail to adopt robust sustainability programmes risk failure, but every respondent agreed that the sustainability agenda presented genuine opportunities for their business.

For more about the Forum view here

For more information about #thebigshift view here

For more information about The Grichan Partnership Sustainable Business Awards view here

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The advantages of a sustainable business

In today’s globalised, interconnected and competitive business world the way that environmental and social corporate issues are managed should now be an integral part of a companies’ overall management strategy.

Companies that are able to demonstrate and perform better with regard to these issues can expect increased shareholder value.  For example properly managing risks, anticipating regulatory action and accessing new markets whilst contributing to the sustainable development of the environment in which they operate will all help to improve the bottom line.

All of these issues have a strong impact on a company’s brand and reputation and are an increasingly important part of its value - both in perceived and real terms.

Companies that choose to adopt sustainability practices can create further growth opportunities by:

  • Appealing to customer values to build trust whilst developing a socially and environmentally responsible image.
  • Launching products and services that meet the increasing demand for socially and environmentally conscious alternatives.

Through the development of more sustainable business models, companies have been able to produce goods and services using fewer resources and at a lower cost.  For example leveraging alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind will reduce dependency on hydroelectric, coal-burning, and nuclear power sources.

In addition, by improving product design and production processes, energy and material waste will be reduced as well as packaging and transportation costs.  Reviewing processes and procedures can lower business costs and increase company productivity and ultimately profitability.

Improving sustainable management techniques and practices can also help to mitigate the impact of risk to your business:

  • Reduced risk of litigation arising from social and environmental issues.
  • Improved safety to customers, employees, and communities as a result of eliminating or reducing the use of toxic substances.
  • Prevention of regulatory issues as a result of waste management practices.
  • Improved relationships with government, environmental, and community agencies.
  • The right leadership is required at Board level, to keep these environmental and
  • social issues high on the Agenda. Ensuring the company is recognised as a
  • leader within the sector and a positive economic force within the community and wider
  • reaching platforms.

The Grichan Partnership is proud to sponsor the Sustainable Business Award at this year’s National Business Awards.  Entries are now closed and a shortlist of finalists will be published very soon.

Haven't entered The National Business Awards yet? Here's why you should!

The National Business Awards represent the most prestigious business accolade in the UK.

Supported by the government and media partners, the National Business Awards celebrate excellence across the business community. There are 18 award categories in total which mainly focus on achievements over the last 18 months. Whether a dynamic entrepreneur or start up, a thriving SME, or one of Britain’s best large firms; there is an ideal category to highlight outstanding examples in all business areas. View the full list of categories

The entry date has been extended to 5th June 2015.

So, if you’ve not already entered you should consider the following benefits:

Independent recognition of your achievements.  Our community of impartial and expert industry judges, go through multiple rounds of deliberation and they are the ones who will have declared your success worthy of recognition.

Stand out from all businesses, not just those within your industry.   Niche, industry specific awards only compare you to your competitors. The National Business Awards allow you to truly stand out cross-industry, and you will often be the only one from your industry shortlisted for any specific category.

Access to business and thought leaders.   Entering the National Business Awards offers you access to our top judges, networking events and over 1200 business leaders at the awards night with a complimentary seat for all those short listed.

Value for all entrants.  Any marketing spend needs return. That is why all entrants receive a bespoke expert written benchmark report - a valuable tool in ranking you against your competition and identifying areas of your business that can be improved on.

Wider PR and marketing exposure. Industry awards will see you mentioned in industry publications, but we go further. We have relationships with and are covered by a wide network of relevant sector publications, as well as business titles and national news including The Times and Sky News.

Reward staff .  Putting together an entry will bring together your teams and let you analyse the steps you took in meeting your challenges. Raise your staff member’s profiles through shortlist and winners media exposure and invite them to join you at the 5-star awards night in style with top speakers and entertainment.

A perfect category for the success story you want to tell.  With 18 categories, you can align your message and objectives with the award title of your choice; from Sustainability or Growth, to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Backing from powerful figures in business.   As well as our community of business leaders in our judging panel, we have support from HRH Duke of York, Lord Young of Griffham and Prime Minister David Cameron. Get your brand success seen.

Watch the video here for more information

Enter here

Business Sustainability

Twenty years ago sustainability was not a word you would have heard in the board room. But now sustainability issues are firmly on the agenda with most business leaders recognising the value of environmental and more latterly social performance to their stakeholders, clients and customers.

Businesses are now acting on their responsibilities in these areas and developing long term strategy and goals, with sustainability issues being firmly embedded in their mission statements, goals and objectives.

The sustainability agenda has never been more important and relevant than it is today and the smartest, most forward thinking companies are recognising and taking ownership of sustainability issues for example climate change, omissions and poverty. These companies are making real commitment to change and are driving initiatives forward.

It is for these reasons that The Grichan Partnership have chosen to sponsor The Sustainable Business Awards at The National Business Awards 2015. The award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment and proven business case for sustainability.

Judges will look for evidence of how a sustainable approach has improved commercial performance, competitiveness, customer perception, staff engagement, and prospects for continued financial strength. Focusing on policies or projects that positively impact on society and the environment as well as the economy, judges will also look for examples of where the organisation has not only changed behaviour internally but is also helping to change behaviour among customers and suppliers.

The award is open to all organisations in the public, private and third sectors and will go to the company that best demonstrates:

  • A sustainable business growth model
  • How customers have engaged with sustainability policy or initiatives
  • How sustainability has been embedded in company culture
  • Impact of sustainability on profitability or financial performance
  • Innovation of the sustainability model or its implementation
  • Leadership and management of the sustainability policy or initiative
  • Impact on attitudes in the wider business community
  • How sustainability objectives are measured

The entry deadline is Friday 22 May.

We are committed to giving back in every way we can. From the more corporate ways such as sponsoring the Sustainability Category at the National Business Awards to regular donations to a variety of charities we support, we want our clients to be proud to be associated with us (as we are with them).

Want to discuss your next candidate? Call us on 0330 001 2403


Over 75 new judges announced today

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Simon Devonshire and Harriet Green join esteemed judging panel


The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards has today revealed the full line-up of judges for 2015. The judging panels will determine the winners across 18 categories, and consists of over 75 leading industry professionals.

The judging panels will welcome some of the UK’s best known business leaders, advisors, investors, influencers and entrepreneurs including, Sky News’ Business Editor, Kirsty Good; Client Service at Barclays Corporate, Managing Director Rob Hawthorn; Head of Marketing at Google, David Keene; Director of Watson Group EMEA at IBM Corporation, Paul Chong and Founder & Managing Director of Calcom Group, Natalie Calvert. Also joining the 2015 Judging Panels will be Caroline Diehl, Chief Executive at The Media Trust; Lush Cosmetics Co-Founder and Product Developer, Rowena Bird and Chancellor of The University of Birmingham, Lord Karan Bilimoria.  See here for more of the article (Opens another website)

Buzz Aldrin Confirmed as Headline Speaker for NBA 2015


World renowned astronaut and one of the most recognised figures in astronomy, Buzz Aldrin, will be the headline speaker at this year’s Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, which will take place on the 10th November at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.


Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the moon, will address over 1300 of the UK’s business leaders and influencers as part of an overarching awards programme which this year has a theme of  ‘Growth through Innovation’. He said: "Walking on the moon gave me a unique perspective of what can be achieved through technology, innovation, team work and a clear focus and vision. I'm very much looking forward to sharing my story with the very best of British business at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards and meeting leading innovators and future disruptors who will change the face of industry in years to come."


Aldrin will give an insight into his famed history, principally being selected by NASA in 1963 and completing his historic Apollo 11 moonwalk in 1969. He has since become an author of eight books including his best-selling autobiography, and his passion to inspire the younger generations of future explorers and innovators is recognised through Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation, a non-profit organisation devoted to addressing science literacy for children.


The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards Programme Director Tom Broughton said he was delighted that Buzz Aldrin was speaking at this year’s awards. He said: “Buzz Aldrin is a superstar in global astronomy. But more than that we’re delighted that he will address the very best of British business at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, to not only tell his inspirational story but to inspire and stimulate the next generation of explorers and disruptors.”

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Sustainable Business Awards



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